Saturday, 19 July 2014

Holiday Scavenging - Last Thing In Scotland

Where did we get to with my first installment with Scottish scavenging ... oh yes, the lack of garden gnomes!  There were quite a few items I struggled with, but more because I was in "holiday" mode rather than "spotting-obscure-items-along-the-way" mode - I kept forgetting to look for birds on a wire (#3) and there was NO way I was getting up early enough to photograph a sunrise (#13)!

Another item I was struggling to find was a mascot ... I did wonder if

Jimjams - Photo - Scottish Piper in Edinburgh

a Scots Piper was emblematic of Scotland and would count ... or perhaps a cute Scottish bear, cuddly Nessie or furry long-horned sheep might fit the bill?  Perhaps this photo including someone else's hand could tick off Mascot, Horn *and* Photo-Bomber?

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 10 Photo Bomb
#10 Handy Photo Bomber
OK maybe not - but there were real horn handled knives in the next window along!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 #11 Horn
#11 Horn
One sunny evening we climbed the steep stepped hillside to enjoy the view on Calton Hill, including a sunset over the city sights.

Jimjams - Photo - Edinburgh Sunset

Jimjams - Photo - Edinburgh Dusk

As the lights went on we descended again and passed several stunning lampposts:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 17 Lamppost
#17 Lamppost(s)
We enjoyed a great trip out to Leith Docks to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia (no garden gnomes there either funnily enough ... not much garden either!)

Jimjams - Photo - Royal Yacht Britannia

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 12 Mascot
#12 A Mascot
But there was a Rolls Royce on board ... with the Rolls Royce mascot "Spirit Of Ecstasy" :-D
The lift doors in the adjacent shopping mall also gave me a chance to capture a juggler (sorely lacking amongst the street entertainers we'd seen)!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 15 Juggler
#15 A Juggler
On our final day in Edinburgh we ascended the tower containing the Camera Obscura, getting some fun photos along the way:

Jimjams - Photo - Shrinking Mother

Jimjams - Photo - Heat Group

As well as a bird's eye view of a painted bus ...

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 20 Painted Bus
#20 A Painted Bus
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 21 Seasonal Snap
#21 A Photo Of Me With Something Representing The Season
... and Mum took a photo of me (with Hubby & Child No.3) wearing seasonal sunglasses!

After lunch we popped around the corner from our rented town-house to take a look at the gloriously weird new Scottish Parliament building ...

Jimjams - Photo - Scottish Parliament

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 16 Multi-lingual Sign + ZIZO 29
#16 (again) Signs in a language other than English
... where I spotted (lots) more Gaelic and was able to Zoom In (for the 29th time with Helena) on some very fancy letters for the blind!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 16 Multi-lingual Sign + ZIZO 29
#16 (again) English, Gaelic, Braille & Moon
Well how did my holiday scavenging do?

Part 1 scored: 8/21 (1,4,5,6,8,9,16,19) and one substitution (B for 2)
Part 2 scored: 7/21 (10,11,12,15,17,20,21)
Plus our journey home (ZIZO #26) added two more (7,18)

Total score: 17/21 + B (Missing #2 Gnome, #3 Birds On A Wire, #13 Sunrise, #14 Parade)

Not toooo shabby for such a short trip; now it's back to normal hunting for the rest of the summer - are you scavenging with Rinda too?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

So Precious

Jimjams - Layout detail - eyelets & twineHere's another page from my July Counterfeit Kit using more of my current favourite product, Simple Stories clear Insta Stickers, some twine and lots of eyelets!

Remember that I was colouring in alphabet stickers in an effort to forge some Hazel & Ruby supplies?  Well here they are in all their orange glory!

Just realised that I need to add the date as well - just before Mum's 80th birthday meal!
Jimjams - Layout - So Precious

It's not often that we have all three kids at home, all presentable and all willing to smile for the camera at the same time - very precious indeed!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Little Mermaid

Jimjams - Layout detail - embellishment clusterBack in March, I attended a brilliant retreat organised by the lovely Lesley. The weekend was full of surprises and challenges, including one which asked us to create something from a small kit containing only cardstock, a couple of double-sided papers, two clear chevron-patterned bags and a wood veneer camera! We were allowed to use glue, stamps, pens, punches and ONE other item from our stash!

Quite a tall order, but made easier when we discovered the ONE item could be multiples of the same embellishment.

It turned out that one of the papers had the text from Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Mermaid" on one side ... and guess what I had sitting in my pile of Scandinavian photos from last summer???

Jimjams - layout - Den Lille Havfrue - Copenhagen's Little Mermaid

Jimjams - Layout detail - Die-cut, inked and stamped title
I also discovered that my Bo Bunny hexagon stamp and my Spellbinders hexagon embossing folder were an almost a perfect match, allowing me to add a few layers of texture.  The single kit sheet of white cardstock was gutted behind the panel of papers to allow me to die-cut my title and mount them on white tiles.

In fact, I only used one of the papers and one of the bags provided (for the chevron strips) ... with 21 identical clear buttons from my stash!

A fun idea for a challenge don't you think?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday Scavenging - First Trip To Scotland

Last year I did succeed in completing Rinda's 2013 Scavenger Hunt entirely during on our Scandinavian road trip.  Which was just as well, because my scavenging outside the holiday didn't manage to tick all the boxes.
This year, I thought it would be a taller order to complete the 2014 Summertime Scavenger Hunt in a week's break in Durham and Edinburgh ... and so it has proved :-(
Let's see what I managed:

First there was another visit to No.1 Son and his lovely girlfriend in their new house ...

ZIZO #38

and I knew where to Zoom In (for the 28th time) ... to find a tattoo on a person:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 8 Tattoo + ZIZO #28
#8 A tattoo on a person
Please don't ask me what the chemical symbols are ... trust me, you don't want to know!!
After a couple of days visiting with them, we drove on to Scotland where we were thrice welcomed:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 1 Welcome Sign
#1 Welcome to Scotland (in Gaelic too)
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 1 Welcome Sign
#1 Welcome to Edinburgh
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 16 Multi-lingual Sign
#16 A multi-lingual sign outside a pub
We stayed four nights in a lovely 3 bedroom town-house near the Royal Mile and our walk to the city's attractions would either take us past a bakery ...

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 9 Bakery
#9 A bakery
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 6 Urban Street Scene
#6 An urban street scene
... or some amazing graffitti.  Our first stop was the Tourist Information Centre, where we spotted (you guessed it!) tourists ...

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # 4 Tourists
#4 A group of tourists
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 #5 Postcard Rack
#5 A rack of postcards
... and postcards!  Having picked up a map or two we made our way past the Princes Street Gardens and spotted Edinburgh Castle in the distance:

Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 #19 Public Garden
#19 Public Gardens
Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2014 # B Birdhouse
Substitute B A birdhouse
What an amazing ornamental clock ... plus a bird house instead of a garden gnome!  I could not spot a gnome anywhere ... the Scots must have too much taste!

Score so far: 8/21 (1,4,5,6,8,9,16,19) and one substitution (B for 2) plus ZIZO #28
Part 2 of my Holiday Scavenging coming soon!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Counterfeit It Up

Hazel & Ruby Chalk It Up CollectionI loved the Hazel & Ruby papers and stickers in the Noel Mignon Balboa Kit being counterfeited this month at the CKCB and thought that they might be fun to forge!

I have a load of (scraps of) old black and white patterned papers and got to work with brightly coloured Sharpies.  Some black & white mini-alpha stickers got the Sharpie treatment too:

Jimjams - forged papers & stickers

Pretty good effect and easy to do.  I only experimented on a couple of punctuation stickers because I will colour the exact letters required as and when I need them.

Looking back at the originals I decided to try with other black & white patterns ... but this time the background showed rather more of my poor colouring in skills!  The papers on the left barely show the Sharpies' colours spilling over onto the black, but the paper on the right only works from a large distance with half-closed eyes!

Jimjams - forging papers - fail!

It's just as well I was experimenting with scraps!

Other Master Forgers have been busy over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog today - check out their forgeries here :-D

Friday, 4 July 2014

Not Left Out

Jimjams - layout detail - machine stitching, clear stickers
I've been challenge combining again for my first page with this month's counterfeit kit.

This time I've taken inspiration from the June sketch over at Sue's blog (she publishes a prize sketch every month if you fancy joining in) and the July challenge criteria over at S J Crafts ... to pick 1 each of shape, colour, phrase/theme from 5 choices ...

... and to tell the story of last year's Easter Egg Hunt that almost didn't happen!!!

As No.1 & No.2 Son were both occupied elsewhere during the Easter holidays, I'd thought that Child No.3 wouldn't be bothered with our usual garden hunt for plastic eggs filled with clues to the whereabouts of something large and chocolatey ...

Jimjams - Layout - Not Left Out

... but when I saw her looking expectantly out of the window on Easter morning, trying to spot her pink and purple plastic eggs I realised my mistake!  Luckily I was able to set up the hunt in Granny's garden instead and nobody was any the wiser ... until today :-)

The title has been cut with Sizzix Round-a-Bout dies and outlined with my journalling pen and the subtitle has been Dymo-punched with whitewash coredinations.  I'll let you into another secret too (those three squares and the clear letter stickers are covering up an unfortunate bare tummy and an ugly piece of metal  on the wall - funny how these imperfections influence the final page isn't it?!)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Zoom In Zoom Out #27

I'm glad I photographed my azalea for Helena's ZIZO meme because it has been so dry here that a week's neglect while we were away has seriously parched some of the blooms and they are no longer as vibrant or copious.

This trailing azalea always flowers later than others in my garden and each year I worry that it has failed ... and am then mightily relieved when it bursts into glorious technicolour.  I'm giving it plenty of TLC in the hope that I can get another week or two of pleasure from it.